Demiurge Quest

First Life

First life appears… but does your swarming mind decide to keep it?


Bacteria begins to appear upon the blackened surface, the highly reducing environment resulting in their metabolism requiring oxygen-bearing compounds being eaten as food to react with the carbon-based atmosphere.

An anomaly? Or maybe not. This new bacteria is slow to reproduce, and takes a long time to spread to the entire planet, but, out of interest you leave it be, and it begins to creep down the veins into the circulating core, new generations surviving the burning temperatures and finding a new home inside the molten titanium. The planet begins to live, and pulse, and you can hear the noise of every single cell on the planet tussling about.

First Life

We encourage this new form of life to grow. Life is precious, and it brings us power! We should attempt to increase the amounts of titanium present, to encourage these cells to grow. As well as this, let us take one of the bacteria for dissection, and see what makes it thrives, what drives it to propagate as it does!

First Life

We agree that this life form must be encouraged, and so we should strive to produce more titanium to allow this life to flourish. However, we cannot allow for it to stagnate in its current form, for it will do nothing for us in the long term. We must see how these bacteria can be altered to compete against its fellows. This will hopefully speed their development and allow for variety to thrive.

We also must continue to experiment with ways of creating life. We see the Iron Dwarf planet, orbiting the dark planet. It has the potential to allow for other forms of life to occur, beyond that of the biological realm. We foresee beings of a silicone base, creatures of rock and crystal and mineral. We must ponder on how such beings could be brought into this plane and provide more energy for our future works.

First Life

Titanium spurts forth from the crust and into the sea and onto the land causing the bacteria inside the molten liquid to instantly fossilize. You look at the sea. It is divided into several layers, the heaviest oils sinking to the bottom of the sea, and the lighter oils floating to the top to precipitate and form oil-clouds. Water is present in the middle! This is probably what caused life to form in the first place, but most of it has been absorbed by the mass of land, leaking from underground pockets level with the water layer in the sea.

The bacteria begins to diversify and compete for living space as the world becomes overcrowded with bacteria. As the weather patterns stabilize the pressure of the atmosphere increasese up to 10 fold causing oxygen to solidify and crystalize. It is a beautiful scene, as branches of dark red oxygen crystals creep across the surface of the planet like upside down trees.

A magnetic field is eventually established, caused by these crystal trees, the destructive solar winds are deflected nicely.

Now that the solar winds are held at bay, the first multi-celled organism appears on the surface of these crystal trees, eating the solid oxygen for food.

First Life

We are glad that life has thrived upon the surface of the world. It’s constantly changing forms please us, as does the wild landscape of this planet. For now we suggest that life on this planet must be allowed to grow without our direct influence, For life struggling and succeeding upon it’s own path will bring about many diverse events across the globe.

However, we cannot be still, we must continue to strive and create more in this small proto-universe. We suggest a new planet be formed, further from the sun but close enough to keep some of its warmth. We also suggest this planet be a gas giant, one far greater in size then our original creation, but containing many different elementary compositions in a gaseous state. Does the Demiurge agree?

First Life

Introversion suggests conserving Cosmic Might. Maybe we could acheive this by using matter that is already present? The sun maybe?

Disorder… Disorder wreaks havok on the sun splashing out a solar disk. Interveening, Conscientiousness protects the life-bearing planet from the wave of energy. As the disk cools, another two planets appear, along with an abundance of moons and comets. One large Gas Giant, and another terrestrial planet. The Gas Giant is 500 terrestrial masses large, and is hot, raging with chemical storms and erratic pressures. The second terrestrial planet is but 3 terrestrial masses, mostly iron and gathers it’s self 2 moons. Several hundred comets rocket off into the sky, some catching orbit, others flying into the vacuum. You watch as several whisps of matter form one large ring around the Gas Giant.

Eventually the solar system settles. Solar Disk 5CM. Protection of Terrestrial 1 15CM. Planets still nameless.

First Life

The first insects appear, small creatures with proteins that allow them to jump relatively enormous distances. Moss begins to cover the oxygen crystals, and after a few revolutions the crystals have become the core of a new plant life. The plants create a self-sustaining system whereby spores attach themselves to oxygen molecules and catalyse the crystallization process 20-fold, and as the crystals grow the spores hatch to wrap a black protective bark around them.

These new trees sustain a biosphere by replenishing oxygen crystals and breathing out gaseous Carbon. The rate of evolutions accelerates and new forms of life appear.

First Life

We are pleased at the creation of two new planets; it brings us pleasure to see such bounty arising from our manipulations. The rich coppery beauty of the gas giant is just what we envisaged, and hope it will soon be one of many. We now turn to this new rocky planet. It is as barren as the first, but we do not wish to rush things as we did before, as careful manipulation can be as fruitful as decisive action. We must first strive to create a stable atmosphere of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide, and then enrich its soil. From there we can try and create further life upon this place.

As to designating the Planets, I suggest Ritora for the first world, Avilar for the second Terrestrial planet and Golgeran for the gas giant, although their names are up for debate from the others of the Demiurge if they so wish.

First Life

We see potential in the large gas giant. Despite cacophony of reactions and storms, we see a simple elegance in its complexity. We will steer a layer of current rich with hydrogen into a a layer of carbon and hold it. With the tidal forces of the moons and the heat from the heart of the planet, we believe that hydrocarbons will develop and from that the bacteria similar to that which occurred on Ritora. Why should life grace Ritora and Avilar and not the Golgeran?

First Life

We are in agreement that Golgeran has the potential for life, but we have followed that line of reasoning, and the chaotic forces used to form the planet still rage within its gaseous atmosphere would not allow the life that occurred on Ritora to thrive or even form, lacking the metal deposits and water levels that exist there.

However, this question creates a new idea. In the depths of the planet we allow the gasses such as carbon to condense into solid, polyp like formations, great floating islands in the dense atmosphere, the only solid thing so high above the planets core. From there we hope to begin reiterating new forms of life.

However, we also look to Avilar, examining the soil and air in an attempt to see if the conditions are becoming favourable.

First Life

100CM to force hydrocarbons into celled organisms on Golgeran.

Microbes begin to appear on the carbon rocks of Golgeran, using natural currents they pass from rock to rock. As several generations pass the Golgerite microbes get bigger as they require different pressures to perform different bodily functions. Evolving into balloon-like sacks, they travel the hemisphere of Golgeran in large packs, along the calm currents of helium.

Occasionally an unpredictable storm would displace one of the tunnels of calm, and wipe out a whole population of these balloon-like creatures, but the ones which survived pass on a gene sequence to the younger population which allows them to quantumly anchor themselves in place, becoming indestructible against the storms.

Rotora’s biosphere is developing larger multi-organ creatures; a family of reptiles with scaly coats of titanium-resin, pale-transparent arachnids bathe in sunlight at the top branches of the crystal forest feeding on the jumping insects. It is the marvellous site, as the ruby-like crystal branches stick out of the bark exposed, like a splintering bone. Reptiles climb into the sea of oil and populate it with serpents and squiles.

Avilar surges through a greenhouse effect and the soil and air stabilizes, and the planet heats up. Conditions are becoming favourable. Even just creating lightning storms may be enough to cause hydrocarbons to evolve into proteins.

First Life

How ingenious life is, that even against adversity, it claws its way to prosperity. We admire the ingenuity of the Golgerite life forms but wonder what the future holds for such immobile creatures. Indeed, we see the vibrancy and mobility of the multi-cellular creatures of Rotora, find it good and contemplate how to bring forth similar traits to the Golgerites. They have enhanced the nature of their microbial forms, perhaps yet another mutation is in order.

A simple… tweak to increase the size and strength of their ancestors’ cilia as appendages.

Avilar hovers in the blackness of space like a reaction primed for execution. A spark that needs timing. We will guide one of the small comets through its orbit to coincide with that of Avilar. The protective gravity fields of the planet’s moons should slow the comet and prevent direct impact. Instead, it should burn and fragment in the atmosphere, sending particulates into the weather patterns. These particulates should form torrential storms with thunderclouds at the head of the mega-storm, providing the exciting spark to the reaction.

We feel that Rotora is well on its way through evolution of life. Though it is not the same sort we knew from before, it is wondrous and we feel no need to interfere.

First Life

Now that life has taken on both Riorta and Golgeran, and is well on the way to creation on Avilar, we decide it is time to experiment with something new. The energy of Golgeran is immense, with its vast storms and great fields of energy. We think that, with the right manipulation, we would be able to create beings of pure consciousness, existing within the great storms of the planet.

First Life

Demiurge ponders for a bit. Is it possible to harbour souls outside a quantum mind? It would mean there is no physical body… How would they manipulate their surroundings? If simply the thought of their will is strong enough to manipulate the environment they could becomes incredibly dangerous beings, but without tools will they develop as a civilization learning enlightenment and organization? We will have to wait and see the results, I guess.

Demiurge alters the laws of physics so that a second layer medium can hold a soul. Now Souls and Physical bodies remain connected without residing on the same medium. These beings of pure consciousness are created. Though a problem occurs: they do not reproduce! But maybe there is a use for these consciousnesses beside feeding your Cosmic Might. Maybe if they mature enough they can be moderators of other civilizations? Considering they cannot die without ascending, they will age much longer than other civilizations, you predict, which is an aid to their maturity.

First Life

As time passes, we find the lack of spontaneous inspiration of the physical being of golgeron moderately disappointing. to this end, we will do two things: first, enhance the nature of the golgerites’ quantum lock into that of quantum awareness and, finally conciouness. Second, I will guide a commet to impact the gas giant and direct its force into that of a massive storm to be known as the golgerite eye. it is through the eye of this storm that we will give the golgerites the first glimpse of the sun and other planets to inspire this and all generations to come.

Through suble manipulations in the Rotora magnetic fields generated by the trees of that planet, we shall bestow upon these creatures a collective conciousness. It is what law is there to say that consciousness need be housed in a physical medium? the interactions of the network of magnetic fields that protect the planet from cosmic winds and radiation is as complex as any network of… neurons? Yes, wde shall give rotora awareness and see what comes of that.

Lastly, we wonder what came of the great storm that raged across Avilar.

First Life

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