Demiurge Quest

The Beginning

Today you will be presented with your Void, the time has come to take the reigns as creator.


You wake from your slumber and upon opening your eyes all you see is black… less than black, you can see nothing. For a moment your head reels as you try to comprehend what your senses are telling you, but you withdraw into yourself before insanity takes grip.

A small but sprightly creature hops out of a portal next to you, ‘Welcome! This be your first void yes? Cold it is’... you regard him in silence for a moment before he continues on,

‘Ah, well, you might want to start by making something, or maybe not? It is up to you! I am just your supervisor, your usher, so to speak… I will be going shortly, after I know you understand how everything about your new self works!’ The creature has taken the form of a frog-like creature, with a fluffy mane of fur around it’s neck. It’s eyes bulge out at you cryptically.

The Beginning

A massive void…with so little to value in it! We cackle with power, let us build ourselves a new star in our eyes! Using but a minuscule amount of our seemingly infinite power, let us build a large sun, burning in its intensity. Then, around this world, construct two planets, one in geocentric of its larger twin! The first world shall be massive in size, consisting of nine continents each roughly twenty thousand kilometers in size! Let us shape this world so that its high gravity keeps the atmosphere bound within it, and suffuse it with an oxygen-rich environment to encourage bacteria growth! The world shall be rich in metals and minerals, to make the fields verdant and its future inhabitants- which I shall soon create- capable of thriving!

The Beginning

With mortal hands you sit idle, trying, at first, to draw from [[The Source]]. So pathetic are hands, you realize, and you shed away the idea. Creating a giant straw you suck a gooey swab of energy into your palms, you form a fist of hydrogen. Releasing it into the void before you, the Hydrogen wavers for a moment and collapses back into energy. You will need to get the hang of this.

Ah! Thats what you are missing, space! And time! And verm! And sci!

You grid your universe. It looks unstable as it is. What type of universe should you be employing? An infinite universe? An Expanding universe? Hmmm… A Multiverse is beyond your powers at the moment, but there is potential for it later when you have gained more Cosmic Might. Maybe you want it to be a certain shape.

Your petty attention span skips to matters of mass and you once again try to draw from The Source. This time it does not sputter into non-existence and you have a blob of hydrogen. With a protruding finger you stir the cloud and it rotates into a ball collapsing in on itself to form a sun of 1.5 Solar Masses expending 1500 Cosmic Might.

Wisps of hydrogen escape the spinning mass and you quickly crush them with your fist, forming heavier elements. You smile. Things are looking to be easier than you thought. Creating your first planet 8 terrestrial masses large, 200,000km in circumference, strings spring forth from your fingers and you play a melody upon the planet’s surface oxygenating it. It’s barren surface may need a solvent of some kind later.

You quickly stamp the second smaller planet, then flick it into orbit.

The Beginning

We that is Pettiness Looks upon the others work, grand projects and grand schemes, it sickens us! Some amongst our urge hold a just too vocal conversation on this topic with properly scathing voices. “What of the things of real impotence?” we ask “Universes are built from the most basic level upwards, not the other way round!” We look at the most petty of things, the hydrogen Atom, we give it a potential much beyond its small size, we then work upon the hydrogen atom making many heavier Atoms all with their own properties and potential, upon these atoms we give the ability to bond and create new substances. Once done with our work we distance ourselves, glance upon our work, gossip amongst ourselves, satisfied at just how important our workings upon the very tiny makings of this universe truly is.

The Beginning

In the darkness the hydrogen binds, and fuses and crackles. It was a small task, but important none the less (50CM). You have never seen energy do such things before, and as a [[Gyr]] passes fleetingly, the planets that you stamped with your fingers begin to harden and solidify. Oxygen is given meaning, with 8 hydrogens and several other components what was just a name before becomes part of a hierarchy.

The smaller planet catches your eye… it’s density bulging with gravity, it has become mostly Iron and Nickle, it has become an Iron Dwarf, so to speak.

The Beginning

Defining elements? Now that is an interesting concept! However, it appears that we’ve been leaking our cosmic strength quite…profusely. Let us bind the universe to a limited shape for now- nothing more than an expanding one, beginning at a couple million lightyears. Letting it expand should give us some breathing room while we get a return on our investment.

And by “return”, we mean the introduction of souls and their vassals- spirits. With the presence of oxygen and hydrogen in this universe thus far, as well as a number of metals, the introduction of water could be vital.

“It is true that, in our hastiness, we may have been a bit hasty here.” We agree, “But we are expending considerable amounts of cosmic energy as it stands. If we can establish a world with life on it, we can regain some of that energy!”

With that said, we begin a minor experiment- we attempt to hollow out sections of the larger planet’s surface. With metals to descend from the Iron Dwarf moon in some centuries of time from now via asteroids, life on the larger planetoid can exist- we mix a measure of burning hydrogen from the sun and oxygen from the planet’s surface to introduce vast oceans of water between the continental masses! With the presence of gravity and oxygen, not to mention the base rock and nutrient-rich soil, very primitive life- though nowhere near Spirit level- should hopefully emerge soon!1

“If it doesn’t,” We comment, “we can always make adjustments as needed.”

The Beginning

We are known as Disorder, arising to stand with the rest in shaping this new creation. As we look upon what has been created we find that it lacks for something. All here is calm, with every moment sliding into the next with nothing changing between them. We desire activity, randomness and change beyond that which we direct.

We look to the main planet, to its young, calm seas. To them we set in motion the tides, the rising and falling that will shape the very earth over the eons.

In the still forming atmosphere we create the winds and the rains, the storms and the snows, setting it boiling in a multitude of random patterns and shapes, bringing raw power and beauty to the very air itself.

Finally we reach into the planets core, setting the fiery mantle in motion, that which will eventually cause the land to crack and shift, constantly creating and destroying the world’s surface in a multitude of different ways, leading to the forming of mighty mountains and vast valleys, of fiery volcanoes and vast ocean trenches.

We step back to look at what we have done, and admire the new world and its new, brutal glory.

The Beginning

The planet’s new form is beheld in it’s glory. The Steel-lattice core is surrounded by molten titanium carbide, storming with massive pressures, tens of km thick, a stratum of diamond is formed by the massive pressure of the planet’s mass. Volcanic eruptions cause incredible mountains of rigid diamond to spring forth to the surface like an urchin’s shell, and the dust settles. With a wave of your hand the you attempt to bind the oxygen from the air with floating hydrogen, but opposite to what you first expected the atmosphere becomes mostly carbon monoxide, the rivers run with heavy oils, and the

It is interesting watching this dark and brooding planet, with it’s seas of ebony black, and it’s dull reddened soil. You watch as the monoxide winds erode and polish the uprooted diamonds into reflective shining mountains. Temperature are low enough so that gases photosynthesize into long-chain hydrocarbons, which rain down onto the surface.

With some quick calculations you realize you did not deposit enough oxygen to create an environment like your old mortal home, and in your rashness you failed to produce the silicon based soil you expected. You could start again from scratch, but you cant decide if it would be too much of a waste or not. This may not be what you first wanted, but theoretically it should still sustain life.

The Beginning

“It would be a waste to start again, after having come so far!” We declare, looking at the beautiful world below. So shaped by disorder and pandemonium, something glorious had come about. And though the seas run with heavy oils, we leave them be- we can always shift the landscape to our liking should the first forms of life prove undesirable! However, out of mild curiosity, let us consult the strange creature that wishes to aid us so.

“What is the secret to making a world’s oceans run with water, rather than the oily blackness that fills it now?” We ask, “We attempted to bind hydrogen and oxygen- the basis of water- but have had…limited success. Is this really so simple as trial-and-error?”

The Beginning

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