Cosmic Might

Cosmic Might is a way of measuring the potential power of a Complexity, namely Demiurges and Gods. It represents their physical, mental and meta power.

A Demiurge can use his Cosmic Might to manipulate energies in his Void, or to manipulate his self outside the Void. Cosmic Might has a special nature, it compounds upon itself exponentially growing if left alone. It can be created from Cosmic Commons, or from consuming an ascended being or soul.

Cosmic Common is how most Demiurges create a feedback loop for their income of Might.

Some more sinister Demiurges, rather than drawing from The Source to breed Cosmic Commons, draw directly from other universes, culling spirits for their Might against their creator Demiurge’s will. This vampiric behaviour is uncommon, because it requires a certain type of Demiurge to be successful. Other Demiurges have been known to lure Cosmic Complexities back into the Void so as to use their highest form to fuel their Might

Cosmic Costs

Small sun 1000CM

Cosmic Might

Demiurge Quest Adamantium_K