Sentience is the ability to feel or perceive. It is used to describe levels of self-awareness and awareness of the universe’s nature, their consciousness, ethics, personality, and insight.

Levels of Sentience:

Non-living 0.1
Unintelligent/Swarm 0.2
Animal 0.3
Human 0.4
Post-Human 0.5
God 0.6
Hyper-Sentient /Hivemind 0.7
Ascended 0.8
Hyper-Ascended 0.9
Demiurge 1.0

“Animals are to human beings, as human beings are to aliens. The way that we look down at animals is the exact same way that aliens look down at us. We think that animals live a mundane existence of simply eating and mating. But, aliens look at us the same way: Human beings live a mundane existence of simply working and following the instructions of those above them.

Human beings are not at the top of the food chain. And, the way that humans slaughter animals (without even thinking twice about it) is the same way that aliens slaughter humans. So, just as we have the so-called “divine right” to kill animals for food, aliens have the same “divine right” to kill us for their purposes. And, in general, we are no more special than animals are, because most animals, such as mammals, have divine spirits just like we do. Only animals such as insects have a collective group-soul rather than real individual souls. ” – Chr’lch’d Ascended Human


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