Demiurge Quest

Birth of the Hive

Ritora births a hive mind. Golgeran watches in fear. Avilar births life. The Judging approaches, a Servent will soon arrive.


Ritora pulses with energy and the crystal trees begin to connect in complex patterns. Eventually a neurological network is created across the surface of the planet and you pour raw energy into it. You see the yellow glow of the new Soul spread like dripping honey, and then your job is complete.

You listen for the vibration of a waking consciousness… ripple... blink Ritora awakens. tendrils of psy snake out and grab hold of animals, insects, all living creatures that feed on the crystals for sustenance, and Ritora consumes their minds, integrating their souls unto it’s self.

Ritora is alive! You do a quick analysis of your new civilization and record it in your Demiurgal Data. It thinks quite slowly because of the large breadth of it’s brain, it grades level 2 on Marlow’s heirarchy. Well, its a good start.

From the newly created eye the Golgeran minds look out at the solar system and see Ritora. Fear is struck in their hearts as they watch the Hive consume it’s own planet with such ease and efficiency, with a complexity they do not understand. One of the minds approaches the Hive and greets it with a metaphysical emote. The Hive lashes out and gobbles the mind up, and continues it’s journey to the centre of the earth.

Avilar, meanwhile, continues it’s journey around the sun, peacefully unaware of what is happening around it. The lightening storms crackle lightly against it’s surface creating a protein. Suddenly the protein is a cell, and the cell is reproducing. It is amazing how quickly Avilar is becoming self-sufficient compared to the other two planets. The conditions seem to be just right for this type of life form. It is a carbon life form, but it is different to the animals found on Ritora. They are cooler, faster, and smaller. Fish come first, rather than trees, and then the fish begin to walk, and the walking creatures begin to fly. It is magnificent, the sight of these flying little things, birds, and bees! An Eden is constructed in just a fraction of the time Ritora took to construct a stable biosphere.

Birth of the Hive

We are disturbed that rash actions have led to the creation of this hive mind, filled with the desire for destruction. It has the potential to undo everything that we have strived so hard to build, and has already destroyed the world that began our building efforts with its power.

However, I have no wish to see such a being destroyed, as it is the sum of all our efforts thus far, regardless of the reckless nature of its creation.

We have decided to form another plane, parallel to the one that our small galaxy exists, that we will maintain with our power. Here is where we will send the hive, and provide for it the raw materials to survive without allowing it to destroy our works.

As the Hive descends towards the planets core we will encompass them in our energy, removing them to this new plane before they can endanger the beings of Golgeran further.

Birth of the Hive

Surprise. A sensation that we don’t particularly enjoy. And concern, both for the safety of the physical and non-physical Golgerites and for that of Ritora. While we had aimed for simple awareness, this result is far greater, though not entirely positive, than we’d expected.

We wonder, though, how caging such a mind would aid. Better to teach than to punish. Though we will not interfere with our counterparts’ plan.

We turn back to Golgeran. How can a society that exists in such chaos learn the nature of science and mathematics? Surely their quantum awareness would take care of the latter, but the former required trial and error. Experimentation. We will initiate a split within the Golgerite physical species, now known as the Golgeron to differentiate between the metaphysical Golgerites to be known as the Golgerith.

The Golgeron shall split into three castes: super-motile, small, mobile Golgerons who can ride the currents of the planet, propel themselves using their ancestral balloon sacks and cillia, and perform very fine dexterous manipulations.

Motile, medium sized Golgerons who are slow-moving, though possess the same fine manipulative cillia of their smaller brethren. To these we will increase mental capacity.

Im-Motile, very large Golgerons who are generally immobile, quantum-locked in place. It is within the massive balloon-sacks of these creatures that I will encourage the others to dwell so that they might have the leisure time and space to develop science.

Birth of the Hive


800CM for Hive, 400CM bubble-plane, 150CM Golgeran life-cycle

1980CM left

Disorder spreads the Demiurge’s hands and attempts to create a second plane. He quickly realises he is spending more Cosmic Might than he had planned. The plane collapses it’s sides and stabilizes into a bubble surrounding the planet Ritora. The Hive fails to notice, and continues to consume it’s planet, trying to get to the core. The Golgerans watching start in surprise as it seems the Hive Planet disappears from view.

The Golgerans quickly forget the incident of the Hive, because a new order evolves for them. A life cycle appears. Golgeran babies float aimlessly in the winds, frolicking innocently within the winds of the storms with a child-like naivete. Matured Golgerans radically transform into a sub-species capable of free will, reproduction and photographic memory. Death results in a ‘pure consciousness’ state known as the Golgerites, who are stored inside the balloon-sacks of the young for a single generation before shedding their Cosmic Common and ascending.

The matured Golgerans gather data and attend to the Golgerites, who analyze and theorize, creating plans for new technologies and philosophies which the mature Golgerans create using their physical cillia. The Golgerites use their metaphysical anchoring to protect the baby sacks from harmful storms.

Birth of the Hive

The first of the Golgerites leave your universe, shedding their Cosmic Common, and you feel a small blink of vitality as you absorb it. +1CM

You move your gaze over towards the Hive and wait expectantly. The Hive is like a parasite, but it also is constantly shedding Cosmic Common, like an insect shedding it’s shell. As the Hive swallows new life forms and gathers resources in the name of it’s own growth you realise it’s existence is not a complete mistake, even if it is dangerous. The Hive is still but primitive, the quality of Cosmic Common is simple and diluted. +1CM

Birth of the Hive

We leave the Golgerans to their devices, allowing then to come to their own scientific and mathematic conclusions and, perhaps in that development, discover culture and art. Similarly, the Avilar are progressing quickly, so we will leave them to develop as they will. Then, we will consider more intervention.

Birth of the Hive

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